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My Valentine by Picneeds

Switching things up a little for this year's Valentines Day by giving you the gift of time and privacy- enjoy your picnic at your own pace with 'The Basket by Picneeds'!

Curated with the essentials for a gorgeous picnic session (scrumptious F&B included), 'The Basket by Picneeds' will be just what you need for a hassle free experience.
Head on out for a free-and-easy offshore adventure with Singapore Island Cruises for island hopping to St John's and Kusu Island onboard the 1pm boat. The Basket will be delivered to you at Marina South Pier by 12pm!

If you prefer to just laze by the waters rather than traverse them, you may opt for the evening option where The Basket will be delivered to you at East Coast Park by 630pm instead or to your home/staycation between 12pm - 4pm.

No returns necessary, everything is yours to keep for more memories down the road.

Lots of Love,

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Come Experience the Sparkle

Preferred Package

What is included?

- 1 x Large Wicker Picnic Basket

- 1 x Waterproof Picnic Mat

- 1 x Fairy Lights

- Disposable Cutleries

- Trash bag & Wet Wipes
- F&B

- 1 x Disposable Film Camera
- 1 x Conversation Starter Cards (Couples Version)
- Delivery

Monday, 14th Feb 22


Meat Platter

1/2 Oven Roasted Chicken, Herb Chicken Snail Sausage , beef bacon, striploin

Pastries Spread

Brownies / Emmental & Chives scones / Assorted Sandwiches /Tea Cakes
Pain Au Chocolat, Blueberry Muffin, Bread Butter Pudding, Cranberry Scone


Cheese Platter

Signature Brie Brulee, Chili Padi Cheese, 1 x Seasonal Premium Cheese, Fresh & Dried Fruits, Premium Crackers & Biscuits

Gusto Organics Yuzu Lemon / Cherry Cola / Real Cola

F&B Preference:

 Terms & Conditions:

1) Payment to be made within 2hrs of receiving invoice; slot will be voided otherwise.
2) All F&B are sourced from 3rd Party Halal-friendly vendors - to be consumed on day of delivery.
3) No refunds or cancellations once payment is made. 
4) This is a rain-or-shine event - no refunds or rescheduling is permitted in case of adverse weather conditions.
5) Picneeds is not responsible nor liable for any matters relating to any part of the services provided by Singapore Island Cruises., or which they failed to provide.
6) Prevailing safe distancing measures are to be observed at all times; Picneeds will not be responsible nor liable for any actions or misconduct by the Clients and their guests.

Your booking details have been received!
If a slot is available, an invoice will be sent to your email within the next 24hrs. Thank you!

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