Iftar with Picneeds

Ramadhan Kareem to all our Muslim friends and family!

To ease your Iftar needs, Picneeds have specially curated a Grab and Go basket consisting of yummy food and drinks along with the basic essentials for a classy picnic night out. 

Best part? No returns necessary!
You can keep the wicker picnic basket, waterproof mat and twinkling fairy lights for your next picnic date.
However, if you wish to return the said items, you may also do so by 830pm!

All F&B are sourced from Halal Third-Party vendors and perishables to be consumed within 3hrs.

Hope to be of service to you this blessed Ramadhan!

Lots of Love,

Lite Grab & Go Basket

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- 1 x Wicker Picnic Basket

- 1 x Waterproof Picnic Mat

- 1 x Fairy Lights

- Disposable Cutleries

- Trash bag & Wet Wipes

 Terms & Conditions:

1) Payment to be made within 2hrs of receiving invoice; slot will be voided otherwise.
2) All F&B are sourced from 3rd Party Halal-friendly vendors - to be consumed on day of delivery.
3) Home delivery will be between 10am - 1pm, depending on delivery route.
4) No refunds or cancellations once payment is made.

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Come Experience the Sparkle

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As part of Picneeds’ #SGUnited efforts to ensure a Safe Reopening and that Social Distancing is observed during our sessions, we have introduced stricter Terms & Conditions:

1) All bookings will be capped at maximum 2pax per session; 
2) All attendees, as per the number of pax booked, would need to declare their names and contact details beforehand;
3) Clients are not allowed to bring undeclared guests exceeding the number of pax booked for the session;
4) Clients, and their declared guests, are to ensure they are well before attending the session;
5) No intermingling with other members of public at the same venue during the session;
6) Each session will be no more than 3hrs long, or ends at 10pm, whichever earlier; and
7) Picneeds Pte Ltd will not be liable if clients fail to adhere to the measures above and infringes the current Phase 2 regulations.

8) In the event that Picneeds' Pte Ltd is unable to proceed/have to cease our business activities and/or suffer financial losses due to the direct/indirect negligence of clients in ensuring safe distancing measures/regulations are adhered to, clients may be liable for the financial losses during the affected period.