Picneeds x Hack It:
The Majulah Basket - $257/-

What could be more quintessentially Singaporean, than to eat seafood or have a picnic.
Now, why choose when you can have both? 

Come this National Day month, grab your closest pals to have a day out with the Picneeds x Hack It: The Majulah Basket, good for 2-3pax!

All items for you to keep, no returns necessary:

1 x Large Wicker Picneeds Basket

- 1 x 150cm by 200cm Waterproof Gingham Mat

- 1 x Disposable Film Camera

- 1 x Fairylights with Batteries

- Utensils for 2pax
- 1 x The Singaporean Dream Card Game Deck
- 1 x Mini Singapore Flag & Face Tattoos


- 1 x Hack It Seafood Pack 

- 2 Assorted Hako Organic Drink


- Islandwide Delivery

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featured f&b-
hack it by jumbo GROUP OF RESTAURANTS

'HACK IT' - A virtual restaurant concept by JUMBO Group of Restaurants, HACK IT refers to the action of cracking and smashing - the shell of your crustacean of course.


Embrace the mess and splatters as you 'HACK IT' through the shells of the lobsters or crabs. Dig deep into the succulent seafood with your hands and sop up the leftover sauce with mantou - like a seasoned Singaporean would!


HACK IT at home or HACK IT and explore the great outdoors just how we like it.


Come Experience the Sparkle!

Note: 'HACK IT' Seafood Pack is cooked in a Non-Halal facility and may contain traces of pork.

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The Basket by Picneeds


Come Experience the Sparkle

The basket by picneeds


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