I think it's time for a #Picneeds!
Preferred Start Time
Step 1: Pick your Feelter.
Step 2: Pick your Picnic Package! All packages stated below are for 2 pax, except for Bachelorette (4 pax). $15/additional pax for extra space, cushions, wares and utensils.
Step 3: Pick your Menu and the desired portion.
Step 4: Pick your Add-Ons.

As part of Picneeds’ #SGUnited efforts to ensure a Safe Reopening and that Social Distancing is observed during our sessions, we have introduced stricter Terms & Conditions:

1) All bookings will be capped at maximum 5pax per session; 
2) All attendees, as per the number of pax booked, would need to declare their names and contact details beforehand;
3) Clients are not allowed to bring undeclared guests exceeding the number of pax booked for the session;
4) Clients, and their declared guests, are to ensure they are well before attending the session;
5) No intermingling with other members of public at the same venue during the session;
6) Each session will be no more than 3hrs long, or ends at 10pm, whichever earlier; and
7) Picneeds Pte Ltd will not be liable if clients fail to adhere to the measures above and infringes the current Phase 2 regulations.

8) In the event that Picneeds' Pte Ltd is unable to proceed/have to cease our business activities and/or suffer financial losses due to the direct/indirect negligence of clients in ensuring safe distancing measures/regulations are adhered to, clients may be liable for the financial losses during the affected period.