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'The Basket by Picneeds' service is just the handy companion you need to complete your picnic experience!
Everything is yours to keep, no returns necessary.
Go forth and make more memories with your loved ones!


In The Basket, you will find all the essentials to pull off a gorgeous picnic of your own:

- Waterproof gingham mat 

- Glittery high-grade disposable cutleries  

- Disposable Camera 

- Sparkly Fairylights 
- Conversation Starter Card Game
- Delectable F&B Spread 


featured f&b-
supper deck

Easily east side's latest haunt for quality comfort food, Supper Deck comes through with a hearty platter for the whole family to enjoy.

Picneeds is so excited to have Supper Deck on board to complement The Basket by Picneeds!

Accompanied with Gusto Organic Drinks, you will be guaranteed a jolly good time by the end of the evening.

Hope you enjoy the yums in your tums <3


The Basket by Picneeds


Come Experience the Sparkle

The basket by picneeds


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