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The Tarter Tales by Picneeds



When life gives you lemon, it is only right you make a lemon curd tart out of it. Born out of sheer determination to keep things running, The Tarter Tales is the newest extension in Picneeds' suite of services!

Homemade with love, we seek to curate bake sales with treats for any occasion. That said, given our small manufacturing capabilities, orders will be pooled and delivered on selected dates to ease our logistical strain. Should we be fully booked on your preferred date, we will be in touch for an alternative one instead. 

Our bakes are Halal, but they do contain a significant amount of dairy, eggs, gluten and the likes. If you have any known allergies, we are not able to be of service to you right now but we will strive to be more inclusive in the near future.

Enough chatting, let's fill up the pages of The Tarter Tales!


Super Moist Choc Chip Banana Loaf

Ah, when we say super moist, we mean super moist. Sink your teeth into a charming slice to taste the magic.


Lemon Drizzle Pound Loaf

A soft, bouncy pound cake moistened with sweet lemony drizzle. The perfect taste of summer in your mouth!


The Fudgy Brownies

Good old decadent, moist chocolatey fudgy brownies. Pop it in the microwave for 20s for that warm gooey goodness.

the tarter tales*


Let's get s(tart)ed!

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