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I think it is time for a #picneeds

how does it work?

Step 1
Pick your preferred Feelter. This is the general look of your picnic.

Step 2
Pick your preferred Package. There are curated add-ons to ease your planning.

Step 3
Pick your preferred Menu or you may opt to bring your own F&B. We do not provide F&B for set ups more than 10pax.

Step 4
Pick your desired add-ons to make it a night to remember.


Have a pick of either 'A Class Act' or 'Bohemian Rhapsody' for the general look of your picnic!

A Class Act is more whites and pastel whereas Bohemian Rhapsody is more rustic;
the differences would only be in the choice of mats and certain decorative accents that we utilize so they are quite similar in terms of layout in general.

We do not offer any customization of looks.


Curated Packages

Every booking comes with the Basic Picneeds Set Up:
- Mats & Cushions
- Decorative Items up to our discretion
- Plates, Cups & Utensils

However, depending on the special occasion you are celebrating, we have curated packages with relevant add-ons for you to ease your planning! Refer to the packages below.

Otherwise, you can just choose the Basic Picneeds Set Up and pick your own desired add-ons like fresh flowers, balloons, fairy light canopies etc, if any.

A note that there is no difference in the look* of the set up for the different packages.

*Refer to 'Feelter' to pick your preferred look.


Birthday: Just a Number

Basic Picneeds Set Up 
+ 1 x Birthday Cake
+ 1 x Helium Balloon Bouquet



Anni For Me

Basic Picneeds Set Up 
+1 x Mini Bouquet of Flowers 
+ 1 x Balloon Bouquet



Bachelorette Party

Basic Picneeds Set Up
+ 1 x 'Bride to Be' Sash & Tiara
+ 1 x Helium Balloon Bouquet


The Proposal

Basic Picneeds Set Up
+ 1 x Bouquet of Flowers
+ 1 x Helium Balloon Bouquet
+ 1 x  'Marry Me" Signage Rental



All our F&B are sourced from Halal 3rd party vendors; we do not cater any food in-house.
We provide F&B for up to 10pax.
You may opt for "No Food for Me!" option accordingly.

Proposal for Hana Miki.png

Option 1: Pizza My Heart

 Full Pan Regular Pizza
Iced Teas
Mineral Water

Option 2: Give me a Cheese

Premium Cheese Platter
Sparkling Juice
Iced Teas
Mineral Water

Option 3: Best of Both Worlds 

Full Pan Regular Pizza
Premium Cheese Platter
Sparkling Juice

Iced Teas
Mineral Water

add - ons 

Complete the picnic with a wide array of our add-ons ranging from floral bouquets to our signature mesmerizing fairy light canopies. There is something for everyone!

"LOVE" Foil Balloon

Foil Helium Balloons

Latex Helium Balloons

Bouquet of Flowers

Lightbox & Frame Rental

Moroccan Pouf

Overhead Fairylight Canopy

Luxe Teepee (2.1m tall)

The Leslie Teepee (1.4m tall)

Do you think it is time for a #Picneeds?

Submit your Booking Form with the full details.
Our team will be in touch within 3 working days with availability.
An invoice with payment details will be provided should we have a slot for you.

Refer to our FAQ should you have further queries or reach out to us via Contact for assistance!


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