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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long in advance should I book a slot?

You can submit your booking anytime and we will advise our availability accordingly. However, if you are booking a date more than 2 months ahead, we will only process your booking maximum 2 months before the preferred date to ensure no premature commitment from both parties.

You may submit your booking details earlier for a higher chance of a slot but priority will be given to big events and wedding bookings.

2. Can I place a deposit first? If yes, how much?

Once you have received an invoice indicating your preferred slot is available, you may place a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your slot. Full payment to be made at least one week before your preferred date.

3. Who do I contact on the day of my Picneeds?

You will be provided with a mobile number to liaise accordingly.

4. How long is a Picneeds session? Do I have to pay more to extend the hours?

Each session is for 3 hours, or by our daily end time of 10pm, whichever earlier. You may liaise with us accordingly should you wish to end earlier or later; we will advise accordingly.

5. What do I do once I am done with my session?

Do update us via mobile at least 15mins before you intend to leave. We will advise the next steps accordingly.

6. What is your Rain Policy?

We will either delay the start time till the rain ceases or in the worst-case scenario, will offer to postpone and reschedule the session to another date.


Our promise is that we will honour the service that has already been paid for. The amount paid for can also be converted to credits as a stored value so you can use it to celebrate another special occasion instead. No refunds will be given.

7. Can I choose to customize the look of my picnic?

Short answer is, No. We do not offer customized color schemes or themes for the small scale private picnics. Based on the location, number of pax and the add-ons you picked, our stylist will determine the appropriate furniture, decorative props and logistics for your picnic.

8. Can I get you to recreate a specific set up that I saw on your Facebook/Instagram?

Yes, but subject to the logistics and props availability on your preferred date. You can share the screenshot with us via mobile after payment has been made and we will advise according if your preferred set up is feasible based on your booking details.

9. What is the difference between Premium Canopy and Overhead Fairylight Canopy?

The 'Overhead Fairylight Canopy' has an open feel as you can see the sky against the twinkling fairylights strung above. 

The 'Premium Canopy' has an added lace roof for a more covered feel. As it has a fixed length, this add-on is only suitable for bookings up to 4 pax.


10. Can I just show you a picture of my preferred set up and you quote me accordingly?

No. All prices have been listed in the Booking Form.
You simply have to pick your preferred package, F&B menu and then refer to the said picture to pick similar add-ons like fairylight canopy, balloons, bouquet of flowers etc depending on your budget.

11. What is included in the Basic Picneeds Set Up?

 All set ups will include mats, cushions, decorative props like a picnic basket, florals in vases, battery operated candles, plates, cups and utensils, in general. 

We are unable to list out the specific items as the overall look of the set up would depend on our stylist's creative discretion.

You can look through our Instagram or Facebook for our past works; they all don't look exactly the same for a reason. It is so that each picnic is a unique experience for each client!

12. Can I have the set up done at home/booked indoor space?

Yes, we have done indoor Picneeds set up before. However, depending on our schedule for on your preferred day, we will advise the available locations for set up after taking into account the travel time required between locations.  

13. Is the food served 'Halal'?

 As we do not prepare any food/drinks in-house, we only source the food items in the menu from Halal providers only.

14. Do you have 'Vegetarian' options?

We can switch to Vegetarian substitutes for mains in the curated menu. You may also opt for 'No Food' and bring your own should you prefer. 

15.  Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you may bring your own food and drinks. However, do update us if this is the case so that we can prepare disposable utensils for you. 

16. How do you charge for additional pax?

All the Packages are priced at 2pax, except Bachelorette Party which is for 4 pax. Each additional pax is $20 (without f&b).

A note that we do not provide f&b option for bookings 10pax and above, as we would need to focus fully on the logistics. 

17. What is your Cancellation and Refund Policy?

You are entitled to One change of date without incurring additional charges, if change is requested at least 3 days in advance and new date is subjected to our availability.


We also offer clients the opportunity to convert the amount paid into credits so you may enjoy our services at a later date, with no expiry date.

Once payment is made, there are strictly no refunds.

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