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Picneeds: Tis the Season

Gift your loved one a breather this festive season

Delight them with our Large Wicker Picnic Basket, equipped with all the picnic essentials and more, for whenever they need a day out in nature!

Delivery on 25 Dec 2022, 12-6pm.

All items for you to keep, no returns necessary:


1 x Large Wicker Picneeds Basket

- 1 x 150cm by 200cm Waterproof Gingham Mat

- 1 x Disposable Film Camera

- 1 x Fairylights with Batteries

- Premium Grade Utensils for 2pax
- 1 x Conversation Starter Cards


- 1 x Double Choc Chip Cookie Bottle
- 1 x Hot Cocoa Mix
- Marshmallow & Candy Canes


- Islandwide Delivery

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The Basket by Picneeds


Come Experience the Sparkle

The basket by picneeds


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