Dear Clients,

Given the recent COVID-19 situation, we at Picneeds are committed to bolster the nations' efforts in combating the spread of the disease.

As part of #Picneeds’ efforts to ensure Safe Reopening and that Social Distancing is observed during our sessions, we will be introducing new stricter Terms & Conditions:
1) All bookings will be capped at maximum 4pax per session; 
2) All attendees, as per the number of pax booked, would need to declare their names and contact details beforehand;
3) Clients are not allowed to bring undeclared guests exceeding the number of pax booked for the session;
4) Clients, and their declared guests, are to ensure they are well before attending the session;
5) No intermingling with other members of public at the same venue during the session;
6) Each session will be no more than 3hrs long, or ends at 10pm, whichever earlier; and
7) Picneeds Pte Ltd will not be liable if clients fail to adhere to the measures above and infringes the current Phase 2 regulations.

For wedding clients, our measures include:

- Home Dais & Solemnization Packages 
-Disinfecting high-touch areas before and after every session

For event partners, we are with you every step of the way and looking forward to working with you on the postponed events!

Let's all do our part in helping Singapore win this fight. As much as we want to keep our business afloat, the safety of the clients and staff is paramount. Practice good hygiene, stay away from attending gatherings or be in touch with others if you are unwell. Till all of this is over, take care and stay safe! #sgunited

Lots of Love,


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